Maintenance and Operations Supervisor

Serves as the Maintenance and Operations Supervisor for Facility Management Service with full responsibility for the supervision of six trade shop foremen.
Responsible for the administration and supervision of shop supervisors in the following trades:
Electric, HVAC and Electronic Unit, Structural/Mechanical and Grounds Unit, Transportation Unit, and Utilities Operations and Plumbing, as well as the Facility Minor Improvement Team.
Plans and managers overall work schedules and sequence of operation projecting semi-annual and/or annual manpower and material needs for station level projects as well as facility maintenance.
Assures an even flow and distribution of work, to meet schedules and deadlines.
Possesses expert knowledge of building codes, city/county/state requirements, including OSHA, Joint Commission, NFFPA, health, safety including Life Safety and evnironmental requirements.
Plans allocation of resources for a maintenance and repair budget that exceeds 3.
5 million dollars.
Prioritizes, integrates, and coordinates various work activities, as well as contracted work.
Maintains a safe work environment for staff, patients, and visitors.
Conducts shop safety training.
Analyzes work plans developed and continually monitors progress of the various units.
Reviews and analyzes production costs and personnel utilization records in order to evaluate work progress, control and reduce costs; evaluates continuing problems takes and/or recommends necessary corrective action.
Participates fully with higher level management in studying and developing recommendations for changes in work techniques, and standards and improvement or modernization of equipment, and work flow.
Provides information and advice to upper management on such matters as accomplishments of assigned work schedules, budget estimates, changes in production techniques and standards, rearrangements of machinery, or other related facility changes.
Monday - Friday 8:
00 a.
to 4:
30 p.
schedule, but schedule may be adjusted to meet the needs of the organization.

Don't Be Fooled

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