Medical Supply Technician

Incumbent will perform all actions of reprocessing required prior to sterilization and issuance.
Reprocessing is the cleaning, disinfection and/or preparation and sterilization of Critical, Semi-Critical and Non-Critical Reusable Medical Equipment (RME) to full readiness for its subsequent use.
Critical RME enters sterile tissue or vascular system and requires sterilization.
Semi-Critical RME comes in contact with mucus membranes or non-intact skin but does not penetrate them.
Most Semi-Critical RME requires high level disinfection.
In some cases, sterilization may be required.
Non-Critical RME either does not come in contact with the patient or comes in contact with intact skin but not mucus membranes and requires low-level disinfection.
Reprocessing includes visual examination of the items for damage, deterioration, or imperfections such as rust, pitting, and cracks.
RME that is broken or malfunctions is cleaned/decontaminated and sent out for repair.
Cleaning and disinfection consists of one or more methods of removing gross contamination and soaking in a germicide, washing with a detergent-blood solvent, scrubbing with a brush and scouring powder, rinsing in tap and then distilled water, or washing in washer-sterilizer and utrasonic units.
Some items must be disassembled prior to cleaning and disinfection.
Technicians operate the medical equipment to determine whether it is operating correctly and to ensure that the items were reassembled correctly after cleaning.
Work Schedule:
Multiple Work Schedules, schedule will be flexible based on the needs of the organization.
Position Description Number:
PD #s 2636A, 2637A, 2638A,

Don't Be Fooled

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